The Second Edition of International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Innovative Technologies (ICCIIT – 2023)was conducted on 29th and 30th April 2023 at IICMR, Pune, INDIA in online mode.
The conference was a comprehensive platform with featured keynote addresses, plenary talks, and expert sessions that explored the latest research trends in various domains and technologies. In addition, there was an insightful panel discussions on critical topics such as Research Methodologies and Data Collection and Analysis, providing participants with a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas, network, and gain a deeper understanding of cutting-edge research in their field of interest.

The objectives of the conference were
1.To identify the areas of research in computational domain.
2.To help the attendees formulate their innovative ideas into a research proposal.
3.To guide the researchers on innovative technologies.

The first edition of International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Innovative Technologies (ICCIIT – 2022) was held on 16th and 17th April 2022 at IICMR, Pune, INDIA in Fully online mode through MS Teams.
The main objective of this conference was to encourage researchers from academia and Industry to explore and exchange their ideas and knowledge in the cutting-edge research of computational Intelligence and innovative technologies.  The conference provides an exceptional opportunity for deliberation of latest trends and technologies in the design, application and development of computational paradigms. It also creates a forum for young researchers to find the potential research problems and future prospects in their respective research areas.

The welcome address and introduction of ICCIIT2022 was done by Dr. Deepali Sawai, Director- IICMR-MCA, Organizing chair, ICCIIT-2022. Dr. Deepali Sawai in her welcome address said Computational Intelligence is subset of artificial Intelligence and tends to use evolutionary and genetically algorithms and is mainly based on soft computing methods enabling adaption of many situations. She highlighted that in recent years many research happened in the area of computational intelligence which is concerned with next generation intelligent system that is neural networks, fussy system etc.